West Virginia - WV Route 2

WV Route 2

Photos head south until the very end.

The road starts out west from Moundsville, with Horsemill Hill on the right in Ohio.

Shortly thereafter past McKeefrey, the highway occupies the bottom of a cut into Kansas Ridge. German Ridge begins to the west in Ohio.

At Powhatan Point (Ohio), the road is now in the cut. After Kansas Ridge, it gets handed off to Taylors Ridge.

Following the Ohio River to Sistersville. The tiger is on the Curby's store, which must have inherited it from something more tiger-related.

Continuing south in diminishing daylight to Willow Island, which is a settlement, not an island.

New day, more light, heading south from Ravenswood.

These are the only northward-facing photos on the page, in the Guyandotte area of Huntington just after WV Route 2 begins.

WV Route 2 roads photos
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