West Virginia - Seneca/Champe Rocks, Blackwater Falls

Seneca Rocks, Champe Rocks, Blackwater Falls

Champe Rocks: Lesser known than Seneca Rocks, but which one do I have a sign photo for? These rock formations were caused when the same tectonic collisions that produced the Appalachians pushed these mountains past vertical. Erosion affected the tilted mountaintop far more than it did the surrounding landscape, and so gradually the mountaintop in these areas was whittled away to the bone, as it were.

Only the formation in the last two photos is actually known as Seneca Rocks. The first photo's formation is Champe Rocks, and I don't know what the second one is, but all are in Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area. Photos were taken from WV 55
/WV 28.

While at Seneca Rocks, the parking lot had a few beautiful scenes of its own.

Blackwater Falls.

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