West Virginia - Parkersburg


I can't find an origination date for the Juliana Street post office but I'd assume it's sometime between 1918 and 1929.

Across from the post office, the Trinity (Protestant) Episcopal Church's date is known: 1879.

The Blennerhassett Hotel was built on the south corner of Market and 4th Streets in 1889, in the Queen Anne style. Some time later, Kaltenecker built a building next door in a similar style. When the hotel was restored in 1986, the styles were merged into a unified front.

Heading uptown to the 1905 Carnegie Library at 725 Green Street.

I took this photo for the 1871 First Baptist Church, but it turns out the first building to its left is also historic. The Oeldorf Building (809 Market Street) was built in 1906, and despite its historic status, it was demolished in 2019 along with the building to its left. The church remains.

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