West Virginia - Moundsville


Photos progress north along Jefferson Avenue toward and past 3rd Street. In order, we have the 1916 Kerns Building, the 1920 Perkins and 1900 Francis Buildings, the 1905 Henderson Building (northeast corner of Jefferson and 3rd), the 1900 Roberts Building and its twin (#270-272), the 1920 (also-the-)Henderson Building, and in the last full-building photo, the 1910 Moose Lodge flanked by #239 on the left (1910) and #231 on the right (1920).

Simpson United Methodist Church is on the north side of 7th Street west of Jefferson Avenue. It was constructed in 1907 as the Methodist Episcopal (M E) Church and uniquely appears to have a crown of thorns around its steeple.

The Civil War monument is on the northwest corner of 7th Street and Tomlinson Avenue. Remember, West Virginia was created by that war.

Ending with the 1876 Marshall County Court House just west of that point. I missed the historical sign when I drove by, or else I'd have gone just two blocks south to the giant burial mound and passed by the old penitentiary. Now I need to go back.

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