West Virginia - Elkins


The statue of Minnehaha (a fictional Native American) is by Hiawatha's Store at US Routes 250 and 33. If it looks crude, considering this is a white-owned business, I'd say the entire premise is completely racist and I recommend passing on by.

Moving along to the 1902 Randolph County Courthouse, scanning for details from top to bottom and right to left. Notice the statue of blind Justice by the door (left of the 2nd floor windows).

This is not just a World War II memorial. The other sides commemorate World War I, Korea, and Vietnam.

Iron Horse Statues were erected simultaneously here and in Davis Park, Charleston to honor Henry Gassaway Davis, who was a "benefactor, philanthropist, railway builder" (a.k.a. rich dude) associated with Elkins. In fact, his son in law, Senator Elkins, is the namesake of this town. Monument to money. I'm more impressed by the large house in the background and the angle that makes him look like a headless horseman. Mark Geary informs me that house is Graceland (not the one you know of), the summer home of "rich dude on horse" named after his daughter. So hey, glad I left it in the photo.

I caught part of the 1895 Davis Memorial Presbyterian Chapel (can't get away from that name) to the right of the statue.

Leaving town north to millier pastures.

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