Washington - Wenatchee


The Chelan County Court House, constructed in 1924 and also known at its south entrance as "County Building", is on Washington Street (second photo heading north) just north of Orondo Avenue (first photo heading west).

400 Douglas Street is the Chelan County Administrative Building, housing the Board of Commissioners. It was hard enough for me to figure out its name, and I have no clue when it was constructed.

The 1918 and 1938 Wenatchee Post Offices are now home to the Wenatchee Valley Museum, which is mostly apple-themed as you can see from this mural. (The 1938 superseded the main functions of the earlier, adjacent building, but the 1918 was used as an annex until it became a museum.) The door, bulletin boards, and mailboxes are the only original touches I could find inside these nondescript brick edifices.

For that matter, these were the only original apple implements I could find. The first old motor was in front of a replica "apple washer" - perhaps this drove the central rod that spun the bristles. The second was installed in the end of what was otherwise a replica "fruit sizing machine", so presumably was involved in keeping the apples moving along to their appropriate bin.

You may have noticed the "Apple Labels" poster in the apple mural photo, promising a selection of collectible apple labels. Of course, those would all be replicas, but what you see here are the more than 200 originals inside the museum.

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