Washington - State Route 28/Columbia River

State Route 28 and Columbia River

All photos were taken heading south.

Starting in Wenatchee Heights, on a road that was reconstructed and is now part of Route 285 (but we don't care here in Non-Roads), this looks south at Wheeler Hill with Mission Peak in the distance to the right (southwest).

Jumpoff Ridge stands over the west bank of the Columbia River, here seen panning from south to west.

The first photo is an overview of the next three that pan from Badger Mountain appearing in the southerly distance back across Jumpoff Ridge.

Looking south and east, respectively, across the small city of Rock Island, as Badger Mountain forms a bowl around it.

Plenty more Badger Mountain as it moves in on the road. It terminates in Rocky Point (6th photo) as the Columbia River moves in on the other side (7th photo). The last two photos look just west of south, downriver toward the unnamed hills that will guide the rest of my journey.

But first, have the rest of Badger Mountain, with more closeups of Rocky Point.

A glimpse to the western hills across the Columbia River before I continue.

After Rocky Point, there's a small creek called Moses Coulee. This bluff on the south side is really the remaining ground after the coulee ate into it. Enjoy the left-right 3-photo journey at the end.

Looking back toward the northwest at the south side of Jumpoff Ridge.

The bluffs don't have names, but whatever you want to call them, I would start with a synonym of "magnificent."

Panoramic photos across the Columbia, from south to west. The part in front of me appears to be called Cape Horn.

The bluffs to my left (northeast now) end in a blaze of glory.

As the highway and river part ways, Babcock Bench is the eastern shore (Route 28 is now heading due east) and the Columbia River enters the northern reaches of Wanapum Lake. Photos pan around to the south-southwest.

South along the Columbia River to Interstate 90

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