Washington - State Routes 24/240

State Routes 24 and 240

All photos were taken heading south.

As I join State Route 24, it crosses the Columbia River. Photos look east (1) and then west (2).

After crossing the river, the southern scenery is dominated by Rattlesnake Mountain, the east end of the Rattlesnake Hills. Before I can get there, though, I must ascend the east end of Umtanum Ridge.

A left/right pair of photos of the unusual rock formations at the base of the ridge, then a right/left pair as the road curves west to ascend.

Starting with a left-right triptych and ending with a left-right diptych, all photos of Rattlesnake Mountain and Hills. Halfway through, I find myself on State Route 240 instead of 24, which turned west toward Yakima.

As Route 240 curves east toward Richland, I look back west at what I just passed: Yakima Ridge.

Photos in passing Rattlesnke Mountain to my west. The central 4 photos pan from left to right.

A few miles later, Route 240 joins the Yakima River as both head to Richland, first easterly, then more southerly. The left hill in the 2nd photo is Flat Top Hill.

I first saw this hill on the south side of the Yakima River at Van Giesen Street in Richland, and got the large photo. After Highway 240 kept curving from south to east, I was able to get a photo of the entirety of Badger Mountain at once.

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