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11 East Toppenish Avenue features a mural to the early town and the Toppenish Trading Company.

The side of the Northern Pacific Freight Building, along Asotin Avenue at B Street, includes a mural to the construction of the "NP Railroad: Across the Valley." There are over 70 other murals around town, which I really wish I knew before visiting.

The old NP Railway station is now a museum, and these are some of the interesting vehicles you might see there.

The American Hop Museum is a fascinating place, just east of the railway museum. At least in 2013, it was full of old farming equipment specific to gathering and processing hops, but they were all in a state of disrepair awaiting restoration, with no marked exhibits or explanatory guide. So here are a bunch of vehicles that were sitting around the yard looking mostly complete. I've never gathered my own hops, but I know the 4th machine (6th photo) is the skeleton of a machine that chewed in brush at the top and spat out hops into a bag. Rather than guess at the others, I'll leave them here in case a hops expert ever sees this page. Anything that looks like a closeup goes with the previous photo.

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