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Downtown, looking south from the top of the Space Needle. Wish I had a photo of that to show you.

Looking west from the Needle toward the Olympic Range on the eponymous peninsula.

Hey, look, I found a Space Needle photo. These were taken heading north on Highway 99, Alaskan Way, just before construction of the new tunnel began in 2013. The pointy white building at the right of the first photo is Smith Tower.

The first photo is Seattle's notable football field, and it hosts both American and international football so I don't need to clarify (Seahawks and Sounders). What's notable is that the entire roof is retractable, necessary in the variable weather that you can see coming. (It was taken at the same time as the other, less ominous photos.) The Seattle Great Wheel dominates the waterfront on Pier 57.

The counterpart photo to the one I took on the Needle, looking west over Elliott Bay toward the Olympic Range from Alaskan Way.

Highway 99 emerges from the downtown tunnel to become Aurora Avenue, which was widened to become the main thoroughfare north of the city in the 1930s and gained all this neon as a result in the 1950s. Photos go from 40th Street (just divide addresses by 100 for location) to 125th Street near the north end of the city.

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