Washington - I-90/Columbia River

Interstate 90 and Columbia River

All photos were taken heading southwest.

Evergreen Ridge starts at I-90 and heads north. The taller mountains, including those with the Wild Horse wind farm on top, are west of the Columbia River.

There's a nice scenic overlook along the Columbia River just north of State Route 26 (Exit 137), so since this is a scenery page, I bring you overlook scenery, starting to the northeast and panning counterclockwise to the south to the I-90 Vantage Bridge. The winding road in the third photo is original US Route 10, which had a much lower bridge across the Columbia until Wanapum Lake was dammed, necessitating the new Interstate-era bridge in 1962.

Back on the highway, down toward the bridge and my exit.

Follow the Columbia River south to State Route 243
Back north along the Columbia River to State Route 28

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