Vermont - Wilmington


Views of the Norton House, partially obscured in the third photo by another old, wooden, brown-painted building currently housing Jezebel's Eatery. Potentially good ice cream, but closed in the A.M.

Looking west and east from the Norton House along VT Route 9, Main St.

On the eastbound side of VT Route 9, Memorial Hall and Crafts Inn. The latter was constructed in 1898.

A rare Rockwood Worcester fire alarm still adorns the exterior of Crafts Inn. Every image I was able to find shows a brick exterior, so this may be the first photo on the Internet of this one.

The eastern and western banks of the Deerfield River, looking south from Main St./VT Route 9.

Now looking north from that bridge.

Fairly old building, perhaps no older than the neon sign, but the food here is already a classic. If you're passing anywhere near southern Vermont, stop on by and mingle with the locals. There's a reason they all (and given the size of the town, it just may be all) come here.

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