Vermont - Weston

Weston, VT

Looking south on VT Route 100/Main Street from Lawrence Hill Road. The blue building is "P.M.Parkhurst.", and I'm still struggling with what "Parkhurst." is short for. The white building is two buildings, #652 Main Street obscuring all but the steeple of the 1803 Old Parish Church.

The 1861 elementary school, still used as a preschool, is on Lawrence Hill Road on the south side of central Farrar Park.

The first house north on Park Street, and the first house west on Lawrence Hill Road.

Though not the best photo, this is the side of the Wilder Memorial Library, also the 1827 Judge John Wilder house.

Heading up Lawrence Hill Road, I pass another 1827 house and come to the 1838 Church on the Hill. I added a touch of color so you can see the white spires against the white sky.

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