Vermont - Troy

Troy, VT

Heading southeast from Route 100 along Bonneau Road toward Black Hill and into a farm. I guess there's a wire fence separating the cows from the road, but they appear to want to eat me as much as I want to eat them. Each pair of photos looks left and then right.

This is the monument in the triangle between Routes 100 and 101 in downtown Troy. I can find no inkling of what it represents, but the west face appears to read "DODGE," so it may be commemorating local Charles C. Dodge's service in the Civil War. It may also be a more general family monument, since the family was influential in early Trojan history.

Route 101 south into Troy, facing Black Hill trailing into the Lowell Mountains to the right. Bonus wind farm!

Panning from east to north at the east end of Route 242, scenery gets more interesting as it enters Qu├ębec. The second photo is of Mounts Hawk and Bear, right at the border.

Heading north from there, Warner Hill is dead ahead.

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