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You will see this referenced as the "Perkins Building," but unlike most named buildings, that's a recent development after donations to renovate the building as the Vermont Ski Museum. This was Stowe's old town hall starting in 1818.

Green Mountain Inn has had a prime spot since 1893, right at the junction of Main Street (VT Route 100) and Mountain Road (VT Route 108, leading to Stowe Mountain). This building originated in 1833, with many additions and renovations over the years.

Some old buildings on the north side of Main Street at Mountain Road. The first one is now somehow part of a gas station, which only happens in Vermont.

The 1902 town hall that replaced the 1818 one. It was missing its dome when I was there - don't know if that was a permanent deletion or just part of rehabilitation work.

The Stowe Free/Helen Day Memorial Library, down School Street at Pond Street. You can date this photo to summer of 2011 based on the spark sculpture out front, part of the 2011 "Exposed" outdoor art exhibition annual series.

You probably know as much about the 1860 House as I do from the name alone. It's just across School Street from the library.

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