Vermont - Richford

Richford, VT

Rumor is that this is the only fountain in town, on the northeast corner of Route 105 and Route 139 (Main Street).

That's across from the 1899 All Saints Catholic Church on the southeast corner.

Heading up Main Street, the 1914 Town Hall is on the left. Like the clocks on the bridge (see roads link at bottom), this one is also broken - it was 2:17.

The 1925 Franklin-Lamoille Bank building (born in 1875 as Franklin Bank in the previous establishment) is on the right.

The 1915-2013 post office apparently had some sort of flood issue the year I was there, requiring a temporary post office while a new one was built over a period of 5 years. It looked open as of September, so my guess is the spring floods did something that required investigation, analysis, and then a solution of "close it."

Interestingly, the historic district hasn't begun yet, and I'm amidst all these historic buildings south of downtown. This mansion at School Street dates to circa 1875, and the house behind it must be a centenarian by now.

There's downtown. These builldings are relatively modern for "historic" at 1901 (Taylor Block) and 1902 (Boright Block) respectively, but they also replaced older buildings as part of a 19th century industrial border town, so it all factored in.

The 1908 fire station is just left of that photo and prior to the Missisquoi River bridge. It's now a museum.

The history continues north of the historic district as well. This was the railroad station along the Richford Branch of the Central Vermont Railroad. I don't know how long the station has been abandoned, since passenger service started dying out nationally in the 1950s-1960s, but the line was active until 1984 when there was a derailment over the river.

You can't argue that these are the most historic features in the area, at least in terms of age of formation. Ayres Hill is to the west in Vermont and Le Pinnacle is to the northwest in Qu├ębec (good guess), respectively.

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