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Misc. Scenery

Just about all photos were taken during autumn, which is a fine time to visit Vermont. As are all other times.

Heading west in Dorset. The first photo is on Morse Hill Road near South Dorset, and the rest are on Dorset West Road. Way more interesting than the main highways.

My journey ends at the NY state line as I head west with the cows on Route 315 in Rupert.

Market Road and Basin Harbor Road in West Bridport, heading west.

South from Vergennes on Maple Street (first two photos) and Route 23 (last two photos).

Route 12 southbound comes to Route 65 (roads) and Baker Pond (non-roads) simultaneously.

US Route 302 east from Orange to... East Orange.

Route 232 north from there through Groton State Forest to a view of the Green Mountains in the distant west, beyond the Worcester Mountains and the lower Woodbury Mountains.

From just west of the previous photo on Route 232, these are on US Route 2 looking southeast, back at Groton State Forest, left and right.

East on Route 15 in the rain, toward Walden.

Fall festivities on Route 242 heading east through and near Jay State Forest. Bonus roads content: it was being repaved in 2013, so this is the rare time you can see the road as gravel.

Continuing east to Coventry, then south on US Route 5.

Back across the state, these photos look south from right to left along Fairfield Pond from Pond Road. In Fairfield. The state ran out of imagination somewhere south of here.

North of Fairfield, Vermont let Qu├ębec name the rest. This is east on Route 78 along the Missisquoi River, which is French for "How do you spell Mississippi?"

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