Vermont - Middlebury

Middlebury, VT

Twilight Hall, Middlebury College, Academy Street, 1867.

The old St. Mary's School is on Shannon Street.

Heading up Main Street (VT Route 30) to the College Street/Cross Street intersection.

Switching to the west side of Main Street and a little bit up the west side of Cannon Park.

West and east sides of Main Street at Mill Street, just south of Otter Creek.

Across Otter Creek, past the Middlebury Community House to the United Church of Christ Congregational Church at the end of Main Street.

Looking southeast at the Middlebury Inn on Court Square.

Let's take a walk down Mill Street. Looking back east from the Middlebury Falls area, Frog Hollow Mill is on the left and Star Mill is on the right. Once rivals, they're now best buds when it comes to the town's economy.

Best place to see them both at once is from the pedestrian bridge over Otter Creek.

The 1869 Sheldon Boarding House is just west on Mill Street. Good doggy.

In which I walk out onto the pedestrian bridge and take a look around Middlebury Falls. The least falls-like photo looks upstream to the west.

In which I experiment with exposure settings. These mini-falls cascade next to Edgewater Gallery, hidden unless you walk to the north end of the bridge.

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