Vermont - Lyndonville

Lyndonville, VT

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, seen from Charles Street.

This house is somewhere in the vicinity. I couldn't find where.

These petunias are somewhere in the vicinity. Click on each photo for a selected closeup.

Getting on track, this is the old railroad station at Depot Street, then the old Darling Inn to the west.

Cobleigh Public Library is at the southeast corner of Depot Street and Main Street, where US Route 5 turns through town.

The Mathewson Block is at the same intersection on the west side. If you drag raced down Depot Street, you'd end up in the front door.

The south, parking lot side of a Church Street multi-family dwelling.

Now the municipal offices, this old school is on Park Avenue at the west end of Maple Street.

Moseying north along Park Avenue from there.

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