Vermont - Hyde Park

Hyde Park, VT

St. Teresa's Catholic Church, 1872.

#25 (red) and #10 (green) Main Street, on the north and south sides by Johnson Street Extension.

The second church is the Second Congregational Church, at Prospect Street.

Hyde Park has it all, even an opera house.

Next to the church on the south side of Main Street, this is the 1893 Governor's House but it's just the name for an inn.

The 1869 Grant House and 1916 Lanpher Memorial Library, on the north side of Main Street.

To the east of Church Street, the Edwards Furniture Store is getting a bit shaggy.

You can guess what's inside Courthouse Square. It's attended by the mini-me Lamoille County Sheriff's Department building.

Hyde Park Elementary School is just east of Depot Street. I'm on East Main Street for these photos.

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