Vermont - Coventry

Coventry, VT

The 1868 Congregational Church of Coventry is on Main Street at Heermanville Road, on the south side of the village green. The clock is 3 hours late, but it runs.

The green has a series of war memorials laid out. Photos look north and south along it.

Let's start with the thing that isn't war-related. The Women's Christian Temperance Union donated flower basins to random towns, including Norwich and here in Coventry.

The cannon may represent the Revolutionary War, as there is no other monument to that.

From the north end of the green, monuments for World War I, II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars appear in chronological order.

The Civil War monument was erected in 1912 on the south side of the green and nothing challenges its prominence.

Details of the monument, including the south, east/north, and west faces. I don't know who the faces belong to, though.

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