Vermont - Barnet

Barnet, VT

The Barnet Village Stores greets travelers at the downtown junction of US Route 5 with Church Street, the original center of town. This is the north (right) side.

Barnet Congregational Church is just down Church Street, as one might expect.

Town Hall is three doors west of the church.

The buildings across from Town Hall.

This is the Stevens River (for Captain Phineas Stevens, so not named after me), beginning its cascade over Barnet Falls. The 60-foot falls begin at Church Street and plunge under US Route 5 before the river flattens out and meanders over to the Connecticut River.

Heading to the bottom of the falls along Mine Hill Road. The house is very nice, but perhaps not the best view.

I read somewhere that I was standing on private property while photographing the bottom of the falls. I maintain that with a fence, large flat stone area, bench, and caution sign, this area is intended for the public to view the falls. Just in case, definitely be a good Scout and do no damage, so that this can stay open for all.

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