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Big Things

The Big Shake doesn't appear to have official Big Things status, but I sampled the cheese anyway.

The Big Koala in Dadswells Bridge is the second-most user friendly of the Big Things. It's got a shop all up inside it that you can browse. But... look at the pointy claws. The ear hair. Those eyes. LASER EYES. So not the friendliest.

Continue east on the Western Highway to find the Big Miner in Warrenheip.

File Bacchus Marsh's Big Apple as the most disappointing Big Thing, short of those that have been removed.

The Fairfield Industrial Dog Object, or FIDO, may not be called "Big" anything, but it still qualifies as one, so I'm justified in including the Big Shake is what I'm saying. FIDO is at the corner of Station and Wingrove Streets by Fairfield Station.

The Big Watermelon is on the opposite side of Melbourne's suburbs, on High Street Road at Bushy Park in Wantirna. Why not just High Street? Or High Road?

A larger-than-life character deserves a larger-than-life statue, so find Big Ned Kelly along the old Hume Highway (Gladstone Street) in Glenrowan where he made his final stand against the police (and the British Empire).

Follow the old highway into Wodonga and you'll find the Big Rolling Pin over Henri's Bakery. Not vouching for what you might find inside.

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