Virginia - US 52

US Route 52

All photos were taken heading north on an October morning (hence the leaf and sky colors).

Leaving Wytheville, Walker Mountain looms in the distance, and Little Walker Mountain starts up to the right.

Just across the summit of Walker Mountain, US Route 52 enters Bland County and curves east, facing more of Walker Mountain (it's a very long ridge). The last photo is a couple of miles later, near Bland.

After spending an interesting 3 minutes in Bland (and that's not a lie), I continue north on US Route 52 to the summit of Brushy Mountain.

Over the summit of Brushy Mountain, the view northward yields Round Mountain (to the left, featured in the 4th photo), with Rich Creek and East River Mountains in sequence behind it (last photo, to the right of the previous one).

Past Hicksville, the road comes in view of Hogback to the southeast, an offshoot from the Brushy Mountain ridge. Most of US Route 52 is lined by trees and farms, so the views I'm sharing here are truly as brief as what you see.

52 was here first! Rocky Gap was widened to accommodate Interstate 77, and I'm sure US Route 52 was pushed farther west to accommodate it. If this pass was a bit tighter historically, it now has a nice view ahead of East River Mountain. Wolf Mountain is to the left and Rich Creek Mountain begins to the right, slightly east of where it used to begin.

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