Virginia - US 460

US Route 460

All photos were taken heading east.

Starting east of Keen Mountain, winding my way along Levisa Fork Big Sandy River to a southerly view of Clinch Mountain (among others).
From the US Routes 19/460 southwestern junction, panning from Deskin Mountain in the north across Paint Lick Mountain to Horse and Barn Mountain in the south. I'm fairly sure none of these names are repeated anywhere else.

The first half of a similar panorama from Indian Paint Road in Claypool Hill.

Continuing northeast on US Routes 19/460 beyond Deskin Mountain to the end of Whitley Ridge past Maxwell and a southeasterly view of Rich Mountain (or its foothill) past Pisgah.

US Route 460 next crosses into West Virginia, and is along the New River when it returns to VA. I continue as such from Glen Lyn until Rich Creek, within view of Peters Mountain.

Into West Virginia on US Route 460
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