Virginia - US 33/Louisa

US Route 33 and Louisa

All photos were taken heading east.

Around a long curve in Shenandoah National Park. I believe this is a foothill of Hightop.

Sunrise by Stanardsville.

The Ogg, as no one calls it, started life in 1917 as the First National Bank of Louisa.

The 1905 Louisa County Courthouse and its Confederate Monument, which has yet to be toppled.

The old jail to its left dates to 1868 and is now the county historical museum.

The older Crank Building to its right dates to 1833 and was built as a lawyer's office. Great name for a lawyer's building. In fact, the lawyer himself was named W. Earle Crank, the state attorney for 40 years who spent the rest of his tenure (until 1849) in the building named for him and what he did for a living.

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