Virginia - US 250

US Route 250

All photos were taken heading west.

The Blue Ridge, from west of Ivy.

Southerly photos, panning from left to right, as I climb the Blue Ridge east of Waynesboro. All of these peaklets are named.

West: Crawford Mountain. Northwest: Lookout Mountain. And a bunch of other peaks among them, as I look from near Vinegar Hill Road.

Left and right photos to the west as I enter Highland County at Fort Edward Johnson. Shaw's Ridge is in front and Bullpasture Mountain is in back. That's actually its name, no bullpasture.

More bull at a hairpin curve.

Looking south (left and right) at part of Shenandoah Mountain, which I just crossed.

Looking back southeast (left and right) toward Shenandoah Mountain, with Shaw's Ridge in front and lower, as I climb Cowpasture Mountain. Where Cowpasture meets Bullpasture, you end up with Calfpasture.

I'm on Monterey Mountain, looking from east to south at portions of Jack Mountain.

Across Monterey Mountain, looking west at Lantz Mountain (front) and the various mountains of West Virginia.

Gigantic faux-panorama, starting in the northwest with Lantz Mountain, around to Back Creek Mountain in the south (5th photo), then up Monterey Mountain from there.

One last Monterey Mountain view, barely, as I climb Lantz Mountain.

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