Virginia - Richmond


Newly reconstructed Kanawha Plaza is in the foreground, with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as the major building in the background. Now you know it's the third largest bank (by assets) after New York and San Francisco. The smaller building to the right is the WestRock headquarters, which is a hell of a lot nicer than its original name of MeadWestvaco. This is why companies get taken over. Because they have crappy names.

The curvilinear James Center is just east of the plaza along Cary Street.

Boatman's Tower is in the James Center courtyard at 10th Street. Constructed in 1987, it combines the best elements of sculpture and clock. Every half hour, the carillon chimes and figures dance in the middle.

The figures consist of bargemen and donkeys in various states of obedience. These are the rest phases for the three-sided obelisk. Actually, I'm not sure if they come to rest in the same place each time, or I just happened to catch them positioned perfectly in the windows.

Click to watch something resembling music while the figures rotate in their "dance".

As overdone as rear window family stickers are, it's impossible to argue with AT-ATs.

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