Tasmania - Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula

Looking east from mid-peninsula along Nubeena Road (Highway B37), across Port Arthur inlet to Cape Pillar and Simmonds Hill and Crescent Mountain.

Nubeena Road along Parsons Bay.

Farther up Nubeena Road, there is a brief glimpse of Crooked Billet Bay to the southwest.

Looking northeast from Saltwater River Road (Highway C341), across Norfolk Bay to the shores of Forestier Peninsula that connects the Tasman Peninsula to the "mainland." Mt. Forestier may be on the left.

Looking northwest a minute later at the relatively calmer land of Tasman Peninsula.

Turned around, heading back south from the Coal Mines. See the sheep? Lots of sheep here. A veritable New Zealand.

Coal Mines Historic Site
Devil's Kitchen, Cliffs Lookout Point, and Tasman Arch
Fossil Bay Lookout and Tasman Blowhole

Pirates Bay
Norfolk Bay

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