Tasmania - Penguin


Welcome to penguin! I mean, this penguin welcomes you to the town of Penguin, Tasmania. He's at the first general store on the left if you come in from the west on Main Road.

Looking east from the shore, Briggs Regional Reserve is 50 km in the distance, featuring Point Vision and Flower Hill.

49.99 km closer in, here is the 1903 Penguin Uniting Church and #82 Main Road, which dates to about 1895. If you ever want to perform a penguin wedding, this would be the place.

These ornamental rubbish bin penguins are approximately life-sized to the fairy penguins (otherwise known as little penguin) that call Penguin home. It's not like Buffalo; this town actually does have penguins.

Here are some war monuments taking advantage of the scenic coastline.

Here I am taking advantage of this penguin... I mean, here I am on the Bass Strait seashore, directly across from the 1898 Stubb's building and the back of the official Big Penguin. All the other penguins you may see are not official. To see the rest of him, follow the "Big Things" link below.

As another teaser, here's the centenary plaque next to the Big Penguin, referencing the Big Penguin. You'll really want to see the Big Penguin.

The shoddiest of all penguins is outside the visitor centre. Hopefully it has been retired.

There are many things I love besides roads, but two of them are penguins and windmills. I didn't see any penguins in Penguin (out of season, I suppose), so at least I had this.

Big Penguin and other Big Things

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