Tasmania - Mt. Wellington

Mount Wellington

I actually caught the views on the way up (it was foggy at the summit), but I'm presenting them last because they're the best part of the Wellington experience.

The best rock wall and the best waterfalls I was able to photograph. Okay, only the second one really counts.

Passing through a rock slide, above the clouds and near the summit.

Are these even waterfalls? They involve water falling. That red spot is almost like an outdoor cave.

More rocks and other Mt. Wellington ridges photographed from the top.

At the very peak, the Broadcasting Tower was built in 1995, and dwarfs every other structure in Tasmania at 130 metres. That's right, no skyscrapers in this state.

Not in photographed order but in compass order, I'll start to the north and work my way clockwise to the south. Mt. Dromedary is in the distance behind Mt. Faulkner. On the right side of the 2nd photo, across River Derwent, is Devils Backbone.

Mt. Direction is to the northeast, just left of the Bowen Bridge. The pointy mountain straight ahead of the bridge is Grasstree Hill. River Derwent forms Elwick Bay to the left (centre of first 2 photos) and Prince of Wales Bay to the right (last photo) of Dowsing Point, where the bridge takes off.

The river next forms Cornelian Bay before being crossed by the Tasman Bridge. The Meehan Range lies behind the eastern Hobart suburbs, and then Pitt Water is in the far distance (2nd photo), with Barren Island and the larger Woody Island therein.

Now in the southern half of the compass, Wrest Point and its casino tower are at the lower left of the 1st photo, across River Derwent from Tranmere, with Frederick Henry Bay in the back. Speaks Bay is to the south-southeast (right side of 2nd photo) and the hills of Eaglehawk Neck are in the distance.

Ending up facing south, starting at the south half of Speaks Bay bounded by the South Arm Peninsula (left half of 1st photo), with Betsey Island and East Cloudy Head the landforms behind it. Pivoting past Kingston, the 2nd photo shows North West Bay, Sheppards Hill (the hills extending into the bay from the right, ending at Snug Point), and then the two arms of Bruny Island in the back (Roberts Hill being the tallish mountain in the distance before the Southern Ocean).

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