Tasmania - Launceston


From Hill Street, freshly atop the winding road of Brisbane Street, photos look northeast at Mt. Arthur, Mt. Barrow, and the Tressick Hills from left to right.

On the way down Brisbane Street, check out the views of various old buildings such as the 1913 Launceston College (née High School), 1915 National Theatre, and behind it, the 1868 Pilgrim Uniting Church. What, you thought I'd caption the windmill? The Penny Royal Wind Mill actually was built in 1975, so not old.

The 1866 Church of the Apostles, born as St. Joseph's Catholic, is at the corner of York Street (Highway A7) and Margaret Street. The brick building is part of the complex but only the stone church is from 1866. Fun fact: The tower in the 1st photo was built from 1889 to 1989. Did you know it took 100 years to build a steeple? Now you know.

Continuing with the theme of churches, I have three for you here. The first, the nondescript building in the foreground of the first 2 photos, is the 1842 St. Johns Square (or Independent) Chapel. It was replaced by the 1885 Christ Church (now City Baptist) just next to it, the taller brick one. Finally, you won't find it if you look for churches, because the 1860 Chalmers Church (Free Church of Scotland) was deconsecrated in 1981 and hasn't really been kept up since.

Let's take a walk east on Charles Street. The Drysdale House is on the corner of Charles and Frederick Streets, catty-corner from Prince's Square. #194 Charles next to it dates to 1900. Farther along we have #219-221 (left) and #223-225 (right), the latter of which has an old Velvet Soap ad on it. You can see a better-preserved version on my Ballarat page - that one's well known, this one isn't because it's barely visible. Finally, the address of the 1906 Edwardian Apartments (originally terrace houses) is obvious.

Another terrace house, #65-67 Balfour Street, built in 1895.

Spied on my evening walk in someone's garden on Balfour Street, what I believe to be a potentilla.

Duck Reach Power Station
Cataract Gorge

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