Tasmania - Hamilton


Photos head south through town (Highway A10 northbound). Hamilton was founded in the 1820s by some combination of Scottish farmers and convicts shipped over from England. As in the rest of Australia, convicts quickly became the citizenry, and it's quite possible some of them later lived in the sandstone houses they were forced to build. The town prospered as a local transportation hub, and at one point was considered for Tasmania's capital.

In order: Glen Clyde House (1840), Jackson's Emporium (1856), Victoria's Cottage (1845), Old Post Office (1835), Old School House (1858), and unknown building that might be Blanch's Store (circa 1820-1840). I could find no photos of what was claimed to be Blanch's Store, but this building is clearly convict-built sandstone and was otherwise unaccounted for in the historical inventory. Emma and George also have cottages, forming a trio with Victoria. At least two of those three were names of British rulers, but I'm not sure whether the cottage names were from famous people, historical owners, or just names assigned by a onetime proprietor of the accommodations.

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