Tasmania - Fossil Bay/Tasman Blowhole

Fossil Bay Lookout and Tasman Blowhole

Looking out to the north across Pirates Bay, panning from west to east across MacGregor Peak and View Peak.

To the southeast, in the open Pacific Ocean (but on the Australian continental shelf), these are Hippolyte Rocks and Cheverton Rock. Yes, in that order. For some reason, the "Cheverton" name keeps getting applied to the big one. To see them in relation to each other, check out Cliffs Lookout Point at the big link at bottom.

Now looking south at the wall of a very small fjord.

Finally, looking southwest at the highland of the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Blowhole is on the trail to/from Fossil Lookout. There is an 83 metre long intake of water beneath the rock of the lookout, popping out conveniently near the parking lot.

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