Tasmania - Devils Kitchen/Cliffs Lookout Pt./Tasman Arch

Devils Kitchen, Cliffs Lookout Point, Tasman Arch

Alternate title for this page: Highway C338 - a highway that I'm sure was designated just to bring tourists here.
Devils Kitchen

Taking in the general scenery. The lookout is on the northwest, so I can look east or south.

Walking out to the end of the trail, I now take a more in-depth look at the south wall of the kitchen from east to west. Tatnells Hill rises to the south.

Finishing the south wall with some views to the west. I found a small secret cave in the cliff to complement the two caves at the bottom.

Here are those silly little inlet caves.
Cliffs Lookout Point

The best view is a far look out, 11 kilometres south to Hippolyte Rocks and Cheverton Rock in the ocean, then in a straight line west to the formations known as The Lantern, Mitre Rock, and Totem Pole. (No names for the fragments on either side of the 2nd photo.) Those are appended to the end of Cape Hauy, 3rd photo. If you want to see the islands separately and somewhat larger, follow the Fossil Bay Lookout link at bottom.

Continuing to pan west from Cape Hauy, the next closest protuberance is Thumbs Point, and then the rest are unnamed. Just remember to look up from those beautiful rocks at the beautiful Tasman Peninsula hills.

Closeups of two of the closest cliffs in the last photo from the prior set. A Pacific or kelp gull accentuates the messiest rock column. The difference is the beak, which was pointed at me so I couldn't tell how fat it was.
Tasman Arch

My first vantage is from the south side of the arch, where I can see the archless western and northern walls. Archless, but not caveless, in the NW corner.

Obviously, I started there to save the arch for last. The best view is straight out of the parking lot, barely leave your car, if you want to ignore the goodies of Cliffs Lookout Point. Notice that you still don't get to see the south wall of the arch pit.

Each component of the arch for your perusal.
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