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Big Things

Wouldn't you know, this handsome fellow is the shining star of the town of Penguin, named after him. He's a fairy penguin, and there are several more of those to be found around town, both real and created. Check out the Penguin page linked at bottom for some more big and medium penguins.

I don't have to tell you what this is, but I do need to tell you where. It's in Spreyton, if you're feeling fruity.

This cheerful fellow is Latrobe's Big Platypus, by the Axemen's Hall of Fame.

Don't leave Latrobe without stopping at the Big Cherries.

Want to see a Tasmanian devil, but they're too endangered to spot in the wild? Check out the Big Tasmanian Devil outside the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, then consider stopping in to see some live ones.

One of the more imaginative Big Things is one of the simplest. Along Highway B12 in Deloraine, due east of Trowunna, the Big Coffee Pot is just a silo whose farmer decided to make it more than utilitarian.

While there are many claimants to the largest cherries in Australia (I'll let you decide what I mean by that), only Westbury has Big Wickets. (I'll also let you decide what I mean by that.)

The Big Slide Rule hangs in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tasmania in Hobart.

The Big Seal on the Eaglehawk Guesthouse, along Arthur Highway by Eaglehawk Neck, is not official, but there does not appear to be another Big Seal in Australia, so I'll allow it.

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