Tasmania - Highway B12

Highway B12

Beginning by heading southwest on Mole Creek Road in Deloraine, these photos start in the east at Cluan Tiers, then rotate past Drys Bluff to Quamby Bluff (featured in the 2nd photo) and the Central Plateau, featuring Mt. Parmeener and Western Bluff in the 4th photo background. Fraternal twin Mounts Magog and Gog take up the foreground and Mounts Vandyke and Roland finish up the background in the last photo.

In context, the owith Quamby Bluff on the left, Mother Cummings Peak stands out from the rest of the Central Plateau on the right.

Looking west from Needles, Mt. Vandyke is in the distance and Gog is to my right.

Looking north, Magog is on the left, split from its remnant hill by Lobster Falls along Lobster Rivulet.

Looking south at the Central Plateau from here, Nells Bluff is on the left, then Mt. Parmeener, ending in Western Bluff.

Taking closer looks at pieces of the Central Plateau just past Chudleigh Corner, starting at Mother Cummings Peak and panning back west from there. The last photo is a recap of the whole plateau.

Still Western Bluff, now nearing Mole Creek.

Looking east from Mole Creek at Mersey Hill Road. Quamby Bluff is the westernmost feature, followed by Projection Bluff and Ritters Crag before coming to Mother Cummings Peak in the 2nd and 3rd photos and continuing west from there.

Looking west from Mersey Hill Road. Seen enough of these bluffs? Of course you haven't.

Once I pass Mole Creek, I am on Liena Road. Photos look northwest into a valley backed by Dogs Head Hill (left side 1st photo), Mt. Vandyke, and Mt. Roland. The latter mountains are essentially two sides of the same prominence.

To the right of Mount Roland, Gog comes to an end.

A different perspective, panning from Vandyke (west) to Gog (east).

Looking south 2 minutes apart. Mt. Parmeener appears in the 2nd photo, east of the 1st.

Near the Mayberry Road turnoff, a clearing affords views of Western Bluff as close as you care to be. The last photo is a recap of the first 3.

Slightly different vantage point, along Mayberry Road (Highway C170) heading southwest from Liena Road.

Two eastward photos leaving King Solomon's Cave. Nothing you haven't already seen.

Big Tasmanian Devil, Coffee Pot, and other Big Things

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