Prince Edward Island - North Cape

North Cape

The North Cape sticks up into the lower reaches of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, nearly due west of the Cabot Strait out to the open ocean. That makes it windy, which means it will have wind farms, which means I'm taking photos. All these guys are on the way up to the cape.

And these hardy specimens are leaving the cape on the other road out, PE Route 182, which is the first road to cut across the island and then starts down the west side, ending in Christopher Cross. Really. He's still around, in town form.

Not your modern power-producing mill, this old geezer is at the North Cape visitor center.

The North Cape Lighthouse and the view northward into the Gulf with PEI's iconic red soil. The rich iron helped the island become Canada's leading potato producer - not just by plurality, but an outright majority (over 60%). They even grow Idaho potatoes, which is a head-scratcher.

North Cape appears to be immensely popular with birds. I don't know how many types there are, but they seriously love that one shoal just offshore, so much so that there's a waiting list of hundreds floating on the water waiting their turn. I guess the currents must converge to make this place especially food-rich, or perhaps ideal weather for all the gulls to sunbathe (they're clearly too pale).

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