Pennsylvania - Pittston

Pittston, PA

All photos were taken during the Pittston Tomato Festival in August 2011. Not every photo is tomato-related, but Pittston is the Quality Tomato Capital of the World for some reason (though none are grown here, so it's hard to buy).

This is not just here for the festival. There is a permanent tomato sculpture at William Street and North Main Street.

I don't know which National Bank this was originally, but it wasn't the First because that one's next door and of similar age. It definitely became Pittston National Bank at some later point, because I can make out smaller letters covering whatever was originally smudged out on the top left.

This would be that other bank in question.

The view looking east from Water Street between the two banks, at St. John the Evangelist and First Presbyterian Churches.

That's 4 downtown banks in a city of barely 7,500. Well these are all rather old buildings, so it makes more sense when I explain the population was 18,500 in 1920. This was a coal mining city, and of course that industry died down in the mid-20th century.

These are on the sides of otherwise nondescript building. The second one appears to have been home to local radio.

The tomato festival parade brings out a string of old cars and at least two people with spare tomato decorations. Can't escape the Lycopersicons.

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