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Climbing the McArdle Roadway westbound, perhaps the easiest way to drive up Mt. Washington from downtown Pittsburgh. I pass under the Duquesne Incline, the easiest way to climb the mountain without driving, in the second photo.

The Duquesne Incline is also the most historic way to climb the mountain. Plus you can see the city on the way up instead of trying to find a place to park.

Forts Pitt and Duquesne were located right where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers become the Ohio River. The outline you see is Fort Pitt; Fort Duquesne was a smaller fort located just behind the fountain area.

The lookout on aptly named Grandview Ave. is located in a perfect position to see the Carnegie Science Center next to Heinz Stadium (home of the Steelers), just a stone's throw and an Interstate highway (279) from PNC Park and the Pirates of baseball. Or perhaps you could say that the buildings were located perfectly to take advantage of this view.

The Allegheny River to the northeast: Fort Duquesne Bridge (I-279), "Three Sisters" bridges, 16th St. Bridge. I-579 cuts off the 16th St. Bridge with boring concrete, and deep in the background of the first photo is the 31st St. Bridge.

Looking well east of downtown between the rivers; the green truss bridge is 28th St. over railroads.

The Monongahela River to the southeast: Fort Pitt Bridge (I-279) in the foreground of the first photo, then Smithfield St. Bridge, Liberty Bridge, and 10th St. Bridge. Far in the background you can see the bluish arch of the Birmingham Bridge.

PA 65 winds its way along the north shore of the Ohio River to the west. Then see the West End Bridge (US 19) and McKees Rocks Bridge cross the river.

Ohio River bridges
US 19 (West End Bridge)
I-279 (Fort Pitt, Fort Duquesne Bridges)
"Three Sisters" bridges
Other Allegheny River bridges
Liberty Bridge
Other Monongahela River bridges
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