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Center City, Philadelphia

Wanna see the best view of Philly's skyline? Visit New Jersey. Just be careful how you get to the Camden waterfront. The steeple belongs to the 1744 Christ Church and was the tallest building in European America for decades once it was erected in 1754, at about 200 feet.

NJ also provides views of the old ships that sometimes use the docks.

While I'm on the waterfront, here are some old piers on the edge of the Pennsport neighborhood, south of Center City.

There are also decent skyline views from either direction of Interstate 95. This one is from the south.

While I'm on the highway, here are some buildings visible from the north: Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate and Cocoa, and St. Adalbert Roman Catholic Church on Allegheny Avenue.

Some Art Deco style. The police station is on Chestnut Street at 40th Street.

Into the historic streets of Society Hill, at 6th/Lombard Streets and 321 4th Street, respectively.

Along Delancey Street to an intersection with appropriately named Thomas Paine Place. Never seen a cattervane before or since.

Beware the pointy house at Whitby Avenue as you head southwest on Baltimore Avenue. Okay, it's probably safe for people, but if you're a bird, flying squirrel, flying fish, flying fox, fruit bat, drop bear, pterodactyl, sharknado, helicopter... okay, maybe you're not a helicopter. But sharknados and drop bears should watch out for the roof.

The Horatio B. Hackett School is very much not pointy (equally unusual, though, being shaped as a regular hexadecagon), but it comes with nice artwork.

Pizza Brain opened several years ago as a pizza museum and restaurant, and... I can't say it did badly, but it sure did weirdly. The smiling pies are in the floor. Don't look down if you hate nightmares.

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