Pennsylvania - Northampton Co.

Northampton County

Let's start in the south. Both of these buildings are along Main Street in Freemansburg. The first, most recently known as the Freeman House Hotel, dates to at least 1880; it looks older, but the Internet is not bearing further fruit. The second, #213, dates to 1884.

There once was a house on Main Street in Glendon near Island Park Road.

#4328 Howertown Road, Kreidersville dates to 1881.

The much older 1805 house (and perhaps newer barn) at #3981 Kreidersville Road is just west of #4328 Howertown.

One more stone house on Kreidersville Road, #60 Church Road right by the Lehigh Twp. border.

Delaware Avenue in Portland, former US Route 611, has a lot of old houses on it. These three stood out to me: #519 (1880), #533 (1880 as well), and #535 (1867).

The 1925 St. Vincent De Paul Church is just north of the Portland border in Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., but still on Delaware Avenue.

Closing out the page with scenery as I head north on modern PA Route 611 out of Northampton County into Monroe County (last 2 photos, but they tie in with the others). Mt. Tammany is the southwestern limit of Kittatinny Mountain in NJ. As I pass that point in the 2nd-3rd photos, I am going through the geographical Delaware Water Gap and crossing the county line. The 4th photo is a northern leg of that mountain, and then I look north along the Delaware River.

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