Pennsylvania - New Castle

New Castle

Now gone, the Workmans Printing building was at the northeast corner of PA Route 108 and Mill Street.

Looking north on Mill Street from there - the bridge was being replaced, so looking is the most we will do here - the red building is now part of Riverplex, and is roughly where the Warner Brothers opened their first movie theater in 1907, the Cascade. I don't have a date on the building, but it's clearly from around that time as well. Farther up the hill, the stone tower belongs to the 1901 Trinity Episcopal Church and the turreted house behind it is the 1885 Reis family home at #312 Highland Avenue.

Look east from Route 108 at Produce Street and find what I believe to be an original Gold Medal ad, uncovered recently (as of 2013) by demolition of the building that was erected in front of it after it was originally painted. (How rude.) Pretty remarkable for an ad to outlive an entire building, and a rare look at a true classic.

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