Pennsylvania - Misc. Photos


I'm at the 2004 Little League World Series in South Williamsport. The International (Netherlands Antilles) team is in the field, with the Americans (Conejo Valley East, California) coming to bat.

Reverse chronological order! Confuse! Confuse! The American pitcher warms in the bullpen.

The lower hill is packed to the gills, with some more room on the upper hill. Above that there's the very muddy upper upper hill, that everyone slides down before and during the game and that is a feature of ESPN coverage. (After watching the game, I think what's in the field is much more exciting, but I'm not the cameraman.)

Two photos in one (with a closeup) at Juliana Street and Penn Street in Bedford. The first is the Lutheran Church, and the second is the Civil War Soldier's Monument by the courthouse (not pictured).

In another town named for its county, this is the Mercer County Courthouse, starting at Butler and Erie Streets.


Every year, thousands flock to Phoenixville, PA. Many of those people come on a specific day, that of Blobfest. See, the Blob was filmed at the Colonial Theater, and... I could tell you more, but the important thing is that these people are wearing funny costumes. Oh yeah, and everyone watches The Blob in the theater, and then runs out screaming wearing (or not) whatever they want.

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