Pennsylvania - Lititz

Lititz (Now)

Heading west into town on PA Route 772 (Main Street), I come to the 1885 Mary Dixon Memorial Chapel on the campus of the much older Linden Hall, the oldest all-girls boarding school in the United States.

#136 East Main Street on the left, #79 (Otto House, 1757 but heavily remodeled) on the right.

Two banks on the right before I get to Broad Street (PA Route 501), the 1901 Farmers National and the 1922 Lititz Springs National. They were the 1st and 3rd banks in town, but I didn't see the 2nd.

The replica of an 1884 Reading Railroad station is just before the actually-1884 Wilbur Chocolate building.

I don't have a date for the former church on the southwest corner of Broad and Orange Streets.

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