Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Photos are from the July 20, 2013 game against the Columbus Clippers. This was a notable match for the 2nd-inning rain delay lasting over 2 hours, and a scoreless tie lasting until the 13th inning. Columbus won, 1-0, in a game very uncharacteristic of the minor leagues (even at AAA) that went over 6½ hours.

The 2008 stadium, from left field to right.

FeFe, the female mascot. The other one is Ferrous. Get it? Iron? IronPigs?

Isn't one of the Phillies a Phill[u]y[/u], not a Phill[u]ie[/u]? Turns out I'm wrong, they're right.

The IronPiggy Bank is for donations to local charities. I can hear the food singing, "Let's all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a pork product."

Play ball! Here's the first pitch (2nd photo, at right).

And here's the rain delay.

And here's the aftermath. There's a solid soupy lake in the outfield, and forget making any plays in foul territory. I was amazed they didn't call the game.

The sun set over an hour before the game resumed, so my last photos look lovingly to left field in the lingering light.

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