Pennsylvania - Dutch Country

PA Dutch Country

West of Amish country, the Pennsylvanians are a bit repressed.

Use the whole animal, the Native Americans say. Use. Not eat. I guess the Pennsylvania Dutch misinterpreted that one word.

Brownstown, the realistic city. If only I knew why "this is going to be a mess," maybe I'd be more comfortable and able to "have a safe summer."

A ride through Bird-in-Hand on PA Route 340, looking back to the right in the last photo. The first photo shows that you can add the new (solar) without sacrificing the old. The third photo is Greystone Manor.

Just past Maple Avenue on the left is the Bird-in-Hand Corporation employment office. The town is not a business, no, but there is an eponymous business owning an inn, store, etc.

The cornfields of Amish country.

Playing with sunset at Plain & Fancy.

Playing with cats at Plain & Fancy. Or just stepping back and letting them play.

Combine a long exposure with motion, and you usually get a wasted photo. In this case, I think it purr-fectly captures the moment.

What better way to end my page than with pie? The Whoopie Pie Festival is held in Ronks each year, just north of Strasburg. The best part of whoopie pie checkers is eating the captured pieces - but save a couple for kings!

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