Pennsylvania - Blairsville


Photos head west along Market Street, the old William Penn Highway (US Routes 22/119).

#188 and #184 East Market Street kick off the historic downtown.

Next come #134 and #124 East Market Street, the latter of which is the first building I can definitively date. Some of these feel 19th century, but I haven't found one that is known to be that old.

Past #54 East Market, on the corner of Stewart Street and dating to 1920, to #24-#18 East Market Street, separate buildings that I just happened to capture together.

#16 East Market Street comes with faded advertisements. The one I can make out is Gold Medal Flour, painted over one or more others.

Upon crossing Walnut Street, not only am I on West Market Street, but the even numbers are now on the north side instead of the south. Why? So that makes these #5 and #11 West Market Street, the latter of which dates to 1920. I'm sure the former is close in age.

My only venture to the north side of the street yields #52-60 West Market, which are differently adorned halves of a single building dating to 1900. Either one of the halves was built later or someone redecorated.

Before leaving town, traffic is treated to a roundabout with the historic 1895 bandstand in the middle. I feel like the middle of an intersection is not the ideal location for a bandstand.

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