Pennsylvania - Bethlehem


I've had the nighttime photo of this classic building on my Route 378 page for quite awhile. It's now joined by daytime photos at the "5 Points" intersection where 378 meets Broadway.

Old neon hangs on at Goepp and Linden Streets.

Heading west on Union Boulevard, the Civil War Memorial is in Rose Garden Park and St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church is at Kenmore Avenue.

Looking east from the Hill to Hill Bridge (PA Route 378), this is Central Moravian Church next to (brick) Moravian College. The latter red brick building dates to 1748, though the newer part in front is the 1859 West Hall. As to the church, the sanctuary dates to 1806 and the chapel to 1751. History abounds in Bethlehem.

Look south instead of east, find a classic neon sign and the tower of the 1926 Lehigh University Alumni Memorial Building, named in tribute to Lehigh alumni killed in World War I. One vantage, two colleges.

Both of these photos are the Bethlehem Station of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, located at West Lehigh Street and Main Street. The second one is the original 1873 station and carries on as a restaurant. The smaller, more modern station in front of it goes unused given its limited utility.

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