Pennsylvania - Bellefonte - Talleyrand Park

Talleyrand Park and train station, Bellefonte

Here's the train station, still host to a Historical Railroad. It even has a train-shaped playground!

The tracks cross this bridge, which somehow manages to be scenic in such a beautiful context, and head to what was the Federal Match Corporation to the south of the park. I don't think they're in use anymore, though. The children on the bridge give me that suspicion.

Looking east toward downtown, where the large brick church dominates the view. Let's take a look at the park instead.

Looking west from Water Street on the opposite (east) bank of Spring Creek.

The overwhelming beauty of springtime in a well landscaped park (photos taken mid-April).

Starting with north and ending with south, the miniature falls of Spring Creek in the park.

Those who enjoy the creek, particularly when the weather is warm enough for it not to be iced over.

Random artifacts with a pretty fountain, but just what is emanating from that fish?

Nothing extraordinary about this pedestrian bridge, but I like bridges and scenery, and they seem to blend well.

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